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هIranian universities pushing ahead

Iranian universities pushing ahead


Europe may have eclipsed the Middle East during the Renaissance, but as the number

of publications from Iran grows, a revival seems to be gathering pace. It has been

suggested that this may be related to the importance that Iran attaches to the

development of nuclear technology. Another reason could be the positive effects of

reformist president Mohammad Khatami, who has shown a strong commitment to

higher education


In a recent study


, Zouhayr Hayati and Saeideh Ebrahimy analyzed the scientific

output produced by institutes and organizations in Iran, motivated by the observation

that the “recent policy of government officials to increase participation has substantially

increased the number of Iranian scholars in international journals.”

They compared universities to research institutes and other organizations and found

that there was no difference in the citation impact of the papers produced by the three

groups, but there was a difference in quantity: universities produce more papers.

Productivity reaps citations

Using Scopus data, Research Trends identified the top-five prolific and cited Iranian

universities and institutes in 2007 (see Tables 1 and 2 respectively).

Top-five prolific institutes Number of articles in 2007

1. University of Tehran 2,006

2. Sharif University of Technology 1,122

3. Daneshgahe Azad Eslami 1,011

4. Daneshgahe Tarbiat Modares 879

5. Amirkabir University of Technology 746

Table 1 – Scientific output of the most prolific institutes in Iran in 2007

Source: Scopus

Top-five cited institutes Citations, two-year rolling

1. University of Tehran 1,960

2. Daneshgahe Tarbiat Modares 1,260

3. Sharif University of Technology 1,135

4. Daneshgahe Azad Eslami 1,027

5. Shiraz University 778

Table 2 – Number of citations in 2007 to publications from 2005 and 2006 for the mostcited

institutes in Iran

Source: Scopus


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