اینترنت برای زندگی بهتر


Don't keep telling him about all the other men you could have married. 

Don't bring out the bills at breakfast time. 

Don't try to start a conversation with him while he's reading or watching sport 
 on TV. 

Don't correct him in front of other people. 

Don't try to make him jealous. 

Don't badmouth his relatives. 

Don't put a shirt in his drawer with a button missing. 

Don't call him at work unless it's absolutely necessary. 

Don't use his razor. 

Don't threaten to leave him unless you have a better place to go. 

                                                           By: ADAM J. JACKSON 

نویسنده : Mir Shahram Safari : ۱٢:٠٥ ‎ب.ظ ; پنجشنبه ٢٦ امرداد ۱۳۸٥
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